GOOD NEIGHBOR GUIDE: How to harmonize your industrial activities with the environment and communities

6. Conclusion

While various issues become increasingly polarized and the public is suspicious of industry, the CPEQ remains hopeful that a tool like the Good Neighbor Guide will help regain public confidence and foster dialogue between the parties. 

Companies contribute to the common good by producing goods that are often essential, providing thousands of jobs and participating in the life of our community, thus helping to create wealth for our society. 

To regain the confidence of the public and various pressure groups, it is desirable for companies to integrate the recognized best practices in the field, i.e. those recommended in this Guide. 

The companies in our society will thus develop more responsibly and sustainably, respectful of and in harmony with their neighbors. Human health and the environment will be protected and the needs of nearby communities will be taken into consideration through continuous consultation
and information processes.

The companies will pay attention to changes in values and will adapt accordingly.

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